Automated crypto trading

Note: TradeCast is Beta software. Only Demo trading is currently available.

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For who?

For everyone

  • Maximize profits and minimize losses with crypto trading.
  • Copy the trades of successful technical traders.
  • Demo Mode to trial trading without risking real crypto.
  • Secure, Open Source client. No keys on the TradeCast server!

For technical traders

  • Automated trading of crypto pairs based on technical indicators.
  • A rich set of tools to manage your trading.


  • Safer than manual trading because it eliminates trading fatigue.
  • It can also save you countless of hours/days watching charts.
  • Instead use a system built on rules you define.

How it Works

Crypto Exchanges

  • Binance is going to be the first supported platform.
  • and Coinbase support are going to be added sometime after the MVP launch.

Trade by Rules based on Indicators

  • Rules are based on Technical Analysis indicators.
  • An example is the Exponential Moving Average (EMA).
  • You define the parameters of the indicator.
  • Find cryptocurrencies to trade based on opening rules.
  • Trades are closed based on closing rules.


Trading rule-sets home

Each trading rule-set is made up of open and close rules.

Create trading rule-set

The trading rule-set is initially defined by its name and a description.

Create open trading rule (step 1)

The first step to defining a new trading rule in a rule-set is to select the rule or indicator.

Create open trading rule (step 2)

Next define any parameters for the rule or indicator.

Demo trading session home

Once you've started a trading session with selected open and close rule-sets you can monitor its progress.

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